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Sound Research is a small "Embedded Micro Systems" manufacturing company founded in 1970. You can find our projects in Astronomy (Solar Flare Telescope), Produce sorting equipment, Imaging equipment (Astro Plate Imaging) and Musical instruments.


Our primary products are our MIDI Music Products. MIDI Music Keyboard Encoders, MIDI Music Pedal Encoders, Ahlborn Stops Encoders, Roland D-110 Presets MIDI Encoder, MIDI Decoders for 64 notes, MIDI Decoders for 128 notes, MIDI Decoders for High Side or Low Side devices, and MIDI Decoders for High current devices (both AC and DC).  Other products are MIDI Mergers, MIDI Pedal Boards, Special encoders, MIDI Keyboard AGO Stacks (2 manual with MIDI Input for Pedals), and Custom MIDI Organ Encoders.


These products are displayed on this web site. If you don't see a MIDI product you need, please contact us and ask. It may very well be possible to produce it at a reasonable costs and in a timely manner.


Thanks for visiting our site.


Musically Yours,


Vern Jones, Sound Research



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