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MIDI Keyboard Encoders                                                                      

  Sound Research Universal Keyboard Encoder - SRKB64_UM                                     


  • Universal Keyboard Encoder
  • This unit offers a wide range of input keying voltages covering from +5 volts to 150 volts. Provide your keying voltage when ordering so unit can be optimized for you.
  • Built-in internal MIDI Merger
  • Power unit and IDC connectors included.
  • Technical info

  61 Key MIDI Keyboard Encoder - MKB64


  • +12 Volt Basic Keyboard Scanner
  • Programmable features
  • 34 pin ribbon cable connectors
  • 64 Note Remote Spreader board with ribbon cables

  122 Key MIDI Keyboard Encoder - MKC128 A & B


  • 122 Key MIDI Keyboard Encoder for 2 Manuals with 34 Pin Connectors (provided)
  • MIDI Channel for each keyboard selected by either thumb pistons or toe studs (not provided)
  • Can couple lower to upper division manual and upper to lower division manual
  • +12 volt wall power unit provided
  • Technical info


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