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MIDI Design Links


Designs for MIDI projects on this site are based on Jordan Petkov's MKC Keyboard and MDEC64 projects. All such projects are licensed by Jordan Petkov for resale by Sound Research. Any other commercial use Of Jordan's software requires the explicit permission of Jordan Petkov. 


Jordan Petkov's Home Page


Other MIDI Links


Jerry Cluff's - Classic Organ Consultants


Jerry Cluff's - MIDI - ORGAN Site


Organ Web Ring




MIDI Orchestra Bells Music


Music Box Dancer

- mbdw.mid -

(MIDI file)


Twinkle Twinkle LIttle Star

- twinkleb.mid -

(MIDI file)


The Entertainer

- the_entertainer_midi_bells.mp3 -

Live MIDI Orchestra Bells Recording (mp3) (4.36MB)


Under the Sea - Disney

- under_the_sea.rm -

Real Music Jukebox Recording of Orchestra Bells and Accompaniment

Requires Real Player (3.5MB)


Solar Flare Telescope 'SOFT'

  Solar Flare Telescope 'SOFT'

Sound Research control systems used in the SOlar Flare Telescope 'SOFT'

located at Bohyunsan Observatory, South Korea

Built by SciTech Astronomical Research


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