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  MIDI Decoders                                                                                          

  Midi 128 Note Decoder - MDEC 64/128                                                                       


  • MIDI 128 Note Decoder for Internal Drivers
  • Decodes up to 128 Points on 1 or 2 MIDI Channels selectable via dip switches
  • 3 Note ranges available; 0-63, 36-99 and 64-128
  • Boards may be cascaded for up to 256 Points or more
  • Technical info

  Midi 64 Note Decoder for External Drivers - MDEC6434B                             


  • Decodes up to 64 Notes/Points per decoder board
  • MIDI Channel DIP Switch Selectable
  • Boards may be cascaded using Low Note & High Note processors for a 128 Note Range
  • Board includes MIDI Thru connector to easily cascade boards
  • Board features 34 Pin ribbon connectors for connecting various driver boards
  • Driver Boards available include Relay Driver Board, Triac Driver Board and FET/Darlington Transistor Driver board or the TTL outputs may be interfaced to other logic.
  • Technical info

  Triac Driver Board - MTRIAC-32                                                                                    


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  • For use with MDEC6434B Midi Decoder, up to two boards may be connected to the MDEC6434B
  • Triac Driver Board equipped with (32) 12 Amp Triacs
  • Board contains (2) 110 Volt AC Power Busses (up to 10 Amps AC per buss)
  • Drive lights, motors, fans and other AC devices directly with the MIDI
  • See Data Sheet for Details and Usage Caution Notes
  • Technical info

  Relay Driver Board - MIDIRLY-32                                                                                  


  • For use with MDEC6434B Midi Decoder, up to two boards may be connected to the MDEC6434B
  • When only a relay intereface will work
  • Two 10 Amp power busses on the board are provided, each relay has contacts rated for 12 Amps. The contacts may be isolated from the common power buss for mixed power applications.
  • Technical info

 MIDI projects presented here are based on projects by Jordan Petkov

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