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Other MIDI Products                                                                                

  Ahlborn Stops Encoder - MKOPB-34 with AhlStops-15 CPU


  • Ahlborn Stops Encoder with AhlStops-15 CPU

  Ahlborn Stops Controller, Remote Switch Panel


  • Ahlborn Stops Controller Remote Switch Panel

  MIDI Merge and Thru                                                                                                    


  • 2 Channel MIDI Merger with a Thru Output for each input channel as well as a Merged output for added flexibility, with MIDI activity lights.

  MIDI Hammond Bass Pedals


  • MIDI Bass Pedals on Special Order

  MIDI Orchestra Bells


  Quad Patch Controller - MKOP/D110


  • Quad Patch Controller for Roland D110, U110, U220, Allen MDS Expander and Other MIDI Modules
  • This unit was originally for using up to 4 D110s with Theatre sounds as described in the RTOM users group. It may control up to 4 units of any of the above. Units may be mixed for a combination of different MIDI Sounds.
  • The unit will control up to 4 groups of 12 patches on 4 different MIDI Control Channels.
  • The outputs are via 4 ganged MIDI drivers for added flexibility.
  • Technical info

  Dual Patch Controller - MKOPatch-2                                                                               


  • Dual Patch Controller as above but has 2 MIDI Channels.
  • This unit will control up to 2 groups of 28 patches on 2 MIDI Control Channels.
  • The Unit is intended for D110s, U110s, U220s, Allen MDS Expander and other units with patches controlled via a control channel.
  • Technical info

  Custom 2 & 3 Manual, Plus 32 Pedals MIDI Encoder System


  • A custom unit to be shared with 2 instruments.
  • Cables stay with the 2 host instruments and the unit is moved from one to the other.
  • Just plug it in and play.
  • Contact for price.

  AGO 2 Manual MIDI Encoded Keyboard stack


  • For the organist that needs a low priced alternative for a practice instrument
  • The 2 Manual stack features:
  • Push buttons to change the MIDI channels, Swell to Great and Great to Swell Internal MIDI Couplers
  • An internal MIDI Merge for the addition of MIDI Pedals
  • Stop Rail and Music Rack (optional)
  • The unit is pictured with the Ahlborn Module 201 as an example (not included)
  • A stops controller is available for remoting up to 4 different Ahlborn units which can be incorporated into the stop rail

  ALJ Electronics Encoders for Allen MOS1 and MOS2 Instruments



  • Featuring the ALJ Electronics Allen MOS keyboard encoders.


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