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MIDI Decoders

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MIDI Decoders

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 MDEC 64/128 MIDI Decoder with screw terminals on all outputs for easy  installation, MIDI Jacks on board, Dip Switches on board, MIDI Thru on  board, Jumpers for HIgh Side or Low Side drivers (specifiy High or Low),  combinations of Low Notes (MIDI 0-63), Mid Notes (MIDI 36-99) or High  Notes (64-127). Any 2 may be installed with MIDI Channel Dip Switch  selectable. Specify Note ranges...IC's socketed for easy maintenance or  change of specification...

$ 270.00

 MDEC6434B  MIDI 64 Note decoder for External Drivers. Decodes up to 64 Notes/Points  per decoder board. MIDI Channel DIP Switch Selectable. May be cascaded  using Low Note & High Note processors for a 128 Note Range. Board  includes MIDI Thru connector and 34 pin ribbon connectors for connecting  various driver boards. Driver boards available include FET/Darlington  transistor driver board, Triac Driver board and Relay Driver board.

$ 175.00

 FET/Darlington  Driver Board

 32 Note FET or Darlington Driver board (specify FETs or Darlingtons).

 32 - 10 Amp devices per driver board. One power buss per board, arranged  as Low side drivers for DC Solenoids, Relays, Pipe valve drivers.

 On  board protection diodes for inductive loads.

 Has logic level regulator on board to work with your 9 or 12 Volt DC power  supply.

 Use 2 boards for 61 note installations or up to 4 boards with 2 MDEC6434s  with High-Low note decoders for up to 128 MIDI Notes.

 Price is per board (specify FETs or Darlingtons). (Not shown)

$ 145.00


 Triac Driver Board for use with MDEC6434B

 32 Triac Driver board for AC circuits. Equipped with (2) 10 Amp AC power  busses with (16) 12 Amp Triacs per buss. Busses may be joined for light  current loads.

$ 275.00

 Relay Driver Board

 32 Relay Driver board for use with MDEC 64/34. Equipped with (32) 12 Amp  rated relays.

$ 145.00

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