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Other MIDI Products

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 Ahlborn Stops  Controller

 Ahlborn Stops Controller for +12 Volt systems. For Classic, Romantic 201  and 202 modules. Basic unit with fixed MIDI channels, Division A - ch 1,  Division B - ch 2, AUX - ch 3, Pedal - ch 4, Control Channel - ch 16.With 36 Pin  Ribbon cables, spreader board and Ahlborn model selection jumpers.

$ 240.00

 Ahlborn Stops Controller for +12 Volt systems. For Classic, Romantic 201,  and 202 modules. Deluxe unit with dip switch selectable for divisions.  Control Channel is fixed at ch 16. With 36 Pin Ribbon cables, spreader  board and Ahlborn model selection jumpers. (Not shown)

$ 260.00

 Ahlborn Stops  Switch Box

 Ahlborn Stops Switch Box for above boards. (Board not included)                                                                   Birch & Oak



$ 200.00

$ 400.00

 Ahlborn Stops  Tabs Box

 Ahlborn Stops Tabs Box with engraved stop tabs. Specify Ahlborn model  and stops list. (Allow 60 days for engraving and delivery) (Not shown)




$ 1200.00

$ 1350.00

 MIDI Merger

 Merger with Thru and Activity LEDs

$ 69.00

 MIDI Bass Pedals

 Hammond Bass Pedals

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 MIDI Bells

 30 Note MIDI Glockenspiel, aluminum bar Glock        Utility case with lid

                                                                              Oak case with lid

                                                                              Walnut case with lid

$ 895.00

$ 1045.00

$ 1295.00


 Quad Patch Controller for D110, U110, U220, Allen MDS Expander and  Othe MIDI Modules. It may control up to 4 units of any of the above and  may be mixed for a combination of different MIDI Sounds. The unit will  control up to 4 groups of 12 patches on 4 different MIDI Control Channels.  Outputs via 4 ganged MIDI drivers for added flexibility.

$ 225.00


 Dual Patch Controller as above but has 2 MIDI Channels. This unit will  control up to 2 groups of 28 patches on 2 MIDI Control Channels. This unit  is intended for D110s, U110s, U220s, Allen MDS Expander and other units  with patches controlled via a control channel.

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 Custom 2 & 3  Manual, plus 32  Pedals

 A custom unit to be shared with 2 instruments.

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 AGO 2 Manual

 Dual Manual AGO Keyboard set with MIDI Merge input in Oak. MIDI  Channel programmable MIDI Out, MIDI In, MIDI Merged Out, Upper to Lower  and Lower to Upper Couplers

$ 795.00

 Stops Rail (Less stop tabs) (Not shown)

$ 250.00

 Stops Rail with engraved tabs and Ahlborn stops controller (specify Ahlborn  model). When purchased with keyboard stack. (Contact us for other  options). (Not shown)

$ 1100.00

 Music Rack (Not shown)

$ 95.00

 AGO Pedalboard

 AGO 32 Note Pedalboards. The AGO stack isn't complete without these.  (Not shown)

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  ALJ Electronics Allen MOS keyboard encoders.

$ 239.00

Shipping not included

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