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A variety of encoders are available for matrix keying, positive voltage keying, keying to ground, or negative voltage keying. They are available in 32, 61 and 122 note versions. Also available are controllers for Ahlborn Organ Modules and output modules for pipe valves, bell boxes and percussions. These various keyboard systems are available pre-assembled. Some units are available in kit form.

We also have Pre-programmed CPU chips and other music products available for organ augmentation.

Documentation available on request.

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Product Disclaimer



It is assumed that purchasers of Sound Research MIDI Circuit board products are knowlegable in electronics and musical instrument wiring and technology. It is also assumed that the purchasers of Sound Rsearch MIDI Decoding and Driver circuits have knowledge of all safety and electrical codes in attaching wiring to the decoder outputs. Follow all safety and electrical codes for all external wiring. All circuit board products are intended for embedded controller applications and are part of a finished product; not the finished product.


Sound Research is not responsible for any external wiring attached to Sound Research circuit board products, or any damage that may be caused to external devices attached to the Sound Research circuit board products.


Please consult the online documentation before ordering, or contact Sound Research for technical details for suitability and compatability for your installatiion.


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